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This blog post is the sixth in a series of posts highlighting the various specialties and sub-specialties offered by the recently launched Officer Specialty Management System. Stay tuned as we share key information about each specialty/sub-specialty in the coming weeks!



Written by Lt. Cmdr. Roger Robitaille

What is a Community?

The Officer Specialty Management System contains three organizational layers:

> Communities: Mission Support and Mission Operations.

>Specialties – which live within a Community.

>Sub-specialties – which live within a Specialty (not all Specialties have sub-specialties).

In OSMS “speak”, a community is a collection of specialties that share missions, skills or organizational constructs. Communities are designations for positions only and are not assigned to officers.

Mission Support Community (CG-CMS10)

There are currently 116 positions with this designation, primarily comprised of commanding officers, executive officers, and logistics department positions at sectors and bases. The positions provide excellent opportunities for out-of-specialty tours while using the competencies, training, education, and experience of officers within the mission support workforce.

The positions identified by this officer specialty code are intended to be filled by an officer with the following specialties or subspecialties, including:

Specialty Subspecialties
ENG10 – Engineering ENG12 – Naval Engineering
ENG13 – Civil Engineering
ENG15 – Aeronautical Engineering
HRM10 – Human Resources HRM11 – Human Resource Management
HRM12 – Recruiting
HRM13 – Training
C4I10 –  C4IT C4I11 – Information Systems Management
C4I12 – Electrical and Electronics Engineering
C4I13 – Communications Management
MED10 – Medical MED11 – Physician Assistant
MED12 – Medical Administration
FIN10 – Financial Management
MGT16 – Acquisitions Project Management
INT10 – Intelligence (Community placement under review) NAP14 – Reserve Program Administrators 

Mission Operations Community (CG-CMO10)

There are currently 113 positions with this designation, primarily comprised of mission operations command cadre at Area, District, and Sectors.

The positions identified by this officer specialty code are intended to be filled by an officer with the following specialties or sub-specialties:

Specialty Subspecialties
OAF10 – Operations Afloat OAF11 – Aids to Navigation
OAF12 – Ice Operations
OAP10 – Operations Ashore Prevention OAP11 – Vessel Inspections
OAP12 – Marine Investigations
OAP13 – Waterways Operations & Management
OAP14 – Port and Facility Safety and Security
OAP15 – Auxiliary Operations Coordination
OAP16 – Marine Safety Engineering
OAR10 – Operations Ashore Response OAR11 – Search and Rescue Coordination
OAR12 – Defense Operations/Readiness
OAR13 – Maritime Law Enforcement / PWCS
OAR14 – Boat Forces Operations
OAR15 – Marine Environmental Response
OAR16 – Incident Management and Preparedness
OAR18 – Contingency and Operational Planning
AVI10 – Response Aviation AVI11 – Fixed Wing Aviation
AVI12 – Rotary Wing Aviation


Additional Information

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