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This blog post is the third in a series of posts highlighting the various specialties and sub-specialties offered by the recently launched Officer Specialty Management System. Stay tuned as we share key information about each specialty/sub-specialty in the coming weeks!



The Human Resources Management generalist or HRM-11 is an apprentice, journeyman and master structured specialty. It provides opportunities for Coast Guard officers to progress and advance proficiency throughout their career. In order to become an apprentice there are three avenues: Competencies, Education, and Certification. The easiest to describe are Education; obtain a Bachelor’s degree in HRM or related field, and certification by completing either a certificate program or obtaining a certification from either the Human Resource Certification Institute or HRCI or the Society of Human Resource Managers known as SHRM.

The Office of Human Resource Strategy and Capability or CG-1B is currently refining the HR competencies associated with HRM-11; when completed this will provide all officers regardless of education, the opportunity to demonstrate their HR acumen. The Force Readiness Command and CG-1B are accomplishing this by conducting an occupational analysis, a study to identify the tasks, task frequency, and task importance required of the HRM jobs throughout the Coast Guard. This study should be accomplished within the next couple of months and the competencies built in the next year, keep an eye out for updates to the officer specialty requirements!

A career in HRM-11 has often been accomplished as a primary or a secondary career. As the primary career path you enjoy multiple tours, often geographically stable, where you develop the policies in a staff level and then execute them at the field level. As a secondary career path, you bring the knowledge and experience from operational specialties into the HR community. Officers who choose HRM as a secondary career are valued for the experience they bring; while the knowledge of personnel programs helps them shine in the operational community.

Your future in HRM-11 will take you to places like base personnel offices, the Personnel Service Command as assignment officers, promotions board management, evaluation system management and headquarters program management leading workforce analyses, building the HR systems, and setting requirements for all HR functions. Additionally, tours in HRM often include the Coast Guard Academy as a company officer and at recruiting offices.

Graduate education programs in Leadership, Human Resource Management, and the academy company officer program will help you progress in your career in HR. Many officers choose education in fields such as Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which is currently the fastest growing field in the nation according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Harvard Business Review recently published an article explaining that Human Resource Managers make great CEOs. Set yourself up to succeed inside the Coast Guard and for an exciting and challenging second career. Join our HRM team today!

HRM13 Training:


The Training subspecialty embraces the principles of Human Performance Technology. HPT is the application of science for improving human performance through integration of learning psychology, organizational behavior, instructional design, adult education, and related fields from psychology, sociology, engineering, and business. CG-HRM13 officers analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate training as well as engage in larger organizational human performance improvement and readiness initiatives. Assignments are diverse, including FORCECOM, Training Centers, and Interagency liaisons.


Officers enter this specialty with strong operational backgrounds and from various undergraduate disciplines. The Training subspecialty is one of the larger officer subspecialties in the Coast Guard with more than 190 positions, allowing maximum opportunity for subspecialty development as well as broadening assignments.

Officers within the CG-HRM13 subspecialty are currently in command of Training Center Petaluma, Training Center Yorktown, Special Missions Training Center, Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, Leadership Development Center, and the Training Quota Management Center.


There are two ways to earn the CG-HRM13 subspecialty – through assignment within the Training System, i.e. as an instructor or school-branch chief, or by completing the Performance Technology Advanced Education program. Earning competencies and gaining on-the-job experience to earn CG-HRM13 is possible in lieu of advanced education.


CG-HRM13 Requirements:


• A Master’s Degree MA or MS in Performance Technology, Instructional Systems, Instruction Systems Technology, Instructional & Performance Technology, or Education Technology (Degree Code: MINST) and one Training System competency.

• In lieu of education, three of the following Training System competencies: PERJC – Instructor, PERJI – Instructional Designer, PERJE – Training Manager, PRFANLST – Performance Analyst, PRFCNSLT – Performance Consultant.

• Required experience for designation – Served satisfactorily for a cumulative total of 4 years during prior 10-year period in FORCECOM positions designated as: instructor, training manager, performance consultant or analyst, training officer, school or branch chief, advance distributed learning specialist, training center command staff, and federal agency liaison. Time served in Duty under Instruction or DUINS training allowance billet pursuing degrees listed above may be counted as time in position.


Performance Technology (PERFTECH) Advanced Education Program: Qualified Applicants: All active duty members O-3 to O-4 are eligible to apply without a waiver. O-4s must have less than one year in-grade at the application deadline. Members with more than 10-years time in service are not ideal candidates and are not likely to be selected.


PERFTECH Schools: Upon selection, members will apply to and attend one of seven schools (links below). Total program length is 12 months and completed over three semesters with an August start and graduation. Students will take 12-15 credits per semester and complete a Coast Guard internship during the final semester.

San Diego State University  Boise State University Penn State University Indiana University Old Dominion University Florida State University University of South Alabama


Additional Information:

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For more information please visit the Officer Personnel Management, OPM-3 website.


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