Tour lengths extended for 2,060 billets!

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The new change affects both enlisted and officer billets beginning in transfer year 2015. But, most importantly all incumbents, those currently serving in the billets that are set for extension will not have their current tours extended. Incumbents may request extensions to realign with a billets new tour length as a result of this change, but otherwise will keep their original tour completion date. After they have transferred, the new officer or enlisted member assigned to the billets selected for extension will then assume the new tour lengths, e.g. 3-year to 4- year billet change.

For Boatswains Mates and Machinery Technicians newly assigned to a Tactical Law Enforcement Team or an Afloat Training Group, you will be eligible to short tour in order to compete for command cadre positions.

Flag Voice 441, from Rear Adm. David Callahan, assistant commandant for human resources, has more information and background on the process used to determine what billets would change. Recently released ALCOAST 489/14 (internal only) has a detailed list of actual billets selected for new tour lengths.

In all, more than 4,000 billets were considered with more than half selected as ready for implementation now. The changes are meant to support the commandants guiding principles of duty to people and commitment to excellence, and to support the needs of our members, units and the Coast Guard.


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