Major change coming to Direct Access, action needed


When Dec. 18, 2014 arrives, all active and reserve Coast Guard personnel must have cleared out and processed all actions in Direct Access! After that date, and until Jan. 5, 2015, Direct Access, our core human resource platform, will be completely unavailable for use.

According to Flag Voice 432, published in October by Rear Adm. David Callahan, assistant commandant for Human Resources or CG-1, “Direct Access will be taken off-line to conduct a major software upgrade representing the most significant change to our pay system in nearly two decades.”

Fortunately, the Pay and Personnel Center, in conjunction with CG-1, has created helpful guides for Coast Guard members, commands and servicing personnel offices to use, which will ensure we are ready to make this significant change.

Things you need to know:

You’ll need to ensure the following information is complete and accurate prior to the update.

• Annual verification of BAH; dependency, beneficiaries, SGLI and emergency contacts are up-to-date by Nov. 30, 2014.

• Every member must ensure their personal data is correct in Direct Access, if you have questions, don’t waste any time in informing your supervisor and SPOs.

• Submit any paperwork which could impact pay prior to Dec. 16, 2014 to allow your SPO to process prior to the upgrade, e.g. marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce papers, or separation requests.

For commands, you must validate your member’s information in Direct Access, and most importantly, process all pending Direct Access requests, e.g. leave, reserve drills, separations requests, etc. prior to Dec. 18, 2014. Also, complete and process all enlisted evaluation marks for E6 and E8s.

After that, the deactivation of the outdated Joint Uniform Military Pay System, known as JUMPS, will take place and the implementation of the Direct Access payroll engine, referred to as Global Pay, will commence.

The new system will be activated Jan. 5, 2015. PPC staff will surge a team to respond to and quickly resolve any unforeseen pay issues that arise.


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