Bravo Zulu: LT Allison Sullivan

Coast Guard All Hands sends out a Bravo Zulu to Lt. Allison Sullivan, assigned to the Surfaces Forces Logistics Center detached duty in Norfolk, Virginia. Sullivan is being recognized for her devotion to duty and setting an outstanding example as the morale officer at her unit!

Portrait of Lt. Allison Sullivan, morale officer at SFLC DD-Norfolk, Va.

Portrait of Lt. Allison Sullivan, morale officer at SFLC DD-Norfolk, Va.


Lt. Allison Sullivan is an Availability Project Manager for the Icebreaker, Buoy and Construction Tender Product Line within the Surfaces Forces Logistics Center based out of Norfolk, Virginia.

She is responsible for the management, planning, specification development and execution of all depot maintenance for nine cutters and four barges, in the 1st, 5th and 8th Coast Guard Districts.

She develops government estimates and manages $4 million in funding to execute procurements; order government furnished property and coordinate messing and berthing support contracts.

Additionally, she developed a five year service contract and is the contacting officer representative for the Integrated System Support Team which provides buoy handling systems and integrated systems review grooms Biannual for 27 cutters.

While managing all of these duties and responsibilities, she is the morale officer for SFLC Norfolk which manages a $2 – 4 thousand annual budget to support events for all active duty and civilian personnel.

The morale committee executes events each year, which include: bingo, chili cook offs, Halloween pumpkin carving contests, annual holiday parties at the Tides ballpark or onboard the Spirit of Norfolk dinner cruise ship, hot dog days, ice cream socials, international food fest, hail and farewell picnics, annual bowling outings, root beer float Fridays, Super Bowl extravaganzas, baseball game outings and many more.

SFLC-Norfolk Super Bowl Morale 2014

SFLC-Norfolk Super Bowl Morale 2014

She and her team were frequently heralded by retired Capt. Edward Nagle for their performance, below is an excerpt from a few years ago:

“Once again, the SFLC morale committee outdid themselves in providing food, drink & sporting events for the SFLC Norfolk annual Super Bowl luncheon extravaganza,” said Nagle. He continued “Many thanks to Lt. j.g. Allison Sullivan and the rest of the SFLC Norfolk morale committee.”

Additionally, other members of SFLC Norfolk offered the following regarding Lt. Sullivan:

“I am so sad to see her move on; she is the best! Her nickname says it all ‘Sunny’ because that perfectly describes her cheery disposition,” said Susie Williams.“I appreciate all of her enthusiasm towards planning morale, well-being and recreation events and she always plans them on days that are best for the majority of personnel. Whenever I participate in an event by bringing a dish to share or help in any other way, she is always the first one to say thank you,” she continued.

“Her appreciation for MWR support is sincere and always expressed. She is always open to suggestions on how to make MWR better which makes everyone feel like they play a part in the MWR even if they are not on the committee. Morale and opinions towards MWR has improved since she took over as the morale officer,” said Williams.

“Allison’s leadership as the SFLC Norfolk morale officer has been outstanding!” said Cmdr. Dustin Hamacher. “She and the team consistently brought together all product lines and shared service divisions housed in the Main Street Tower for fun, food, sometimes physical fitness & always, camaraderie,” said Hamacher.

“She may not have realized it, but the morale committee directly contributed to the performance of SFLC Norfolk. By merely exchanging gifts at a holiday party, some friendly competition over a few frames of bowling, or meeting spontaneously to have a bowl of ice cream we get to know each other more & collectively,” he said.

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