Announcing the Award for Excellence in Marine Inspection

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Written by Cmdr. Michael Zamperini.

Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, Rear Adm. Joseph Servidio, recently released a message soliciting nominees for the first annual Award for Excellence in Marine Inspection for individual marine inspectors who exemplify the Coast Guard’s core values while demonstrating excellence in and commitment to the marine safety mission.

Coast Guard Marine Inspectors dedicate themselves to protecting the safety and security of not only our domestic Maritime Transportation System, but international commerce as well. They ensure commercial vessels of all types and all nations meet the standards that preserve life, protect the environment and facilitate the vibrancy of the world’s economy through safe and secure maritime trade. Our marine inspectors inspect nearly 12,000 U.S. commercial vessels and examine 9,000 foreign vessels each year, impacting tens of millions of passengers and hundreds of billions of dollars of cargo.

“This new annual award, which I am very pleased to initiate, will help recognize our best, brightest, and hardest working Coast Guard marine inspectors that carry out this critical safety, security, and environmental and economic stewardship function, ” said Servidio. “The technology and complexity of the shipping industry as well as energy exploration and Outer Continental Shelf activities are evolving and growing rapidly, and balanced decisions by well-trained and skilled marine inspectors is even more important than ever to protect our nation’s vital interests.”

The Award for Excellence in Marine Inspection will be an annual solicitation to recognize performance by individual marine inspectors. Every unit, with field level marine inspectors, can (and should!) nominate one of their inspectors. Nominees should display traits of an optimal marine inspector such as:

• Confidence, competence and leadership

• In-depth technical knowledge of the maritime transportation system

• Thorough understanding and correct application of regulations, policies and technical information

• Balanced decision making ability with consideration for commerce, public safety and the environment

• Commitment to the Coast Guard marine safety mission

Nomination applications should include show how, over the past year, their nominee:

• Led inspections that saved lives by correcting hard to find deficiencies

• Made substantial improvements to the inspection and port state control programs

• Contributed to fleet-wide or industry-wide changes

• Conducted activities that resulted in safety notices, technical publication or procedural changes

• They shared their inspection knowledge with others

Nominees can be active duty, civilian or reserve filling a marine inspector billet. Nominees must be below the rank of O-4 or GS-13 and be actively carrying out the inspection mission. The award is for both domestic and port state control inspectors. The deadline for all nominations is February 7, 2014.

Additional information on the application process can be found in the initial solicitation message.

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