Are you sharing the Coast Guard’s story?

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Is your unit committed to sharing the Coast Guard’s story? Has your unit commanding officer made public affairs a priority in supporting mission success? Have you built strong relationships with local media to help get operational successes on the nightly news? Do you successfully use Facebook to keep those in your area of responsibility informed ahead of a storm? If so, you should get in an application for the 2013 CDR Jim Simpson Public Affairs Award.

Sharing the Coast Guard story is a critical element of mission success. Ensuring the American public understands and supports our missions translates to safer boaters on our waters, members of the community willing to report suspicious activity and brand ambassadors sharing important safety messages with their neighbors via social media ahead of an oncoming storm.

The Simpson Award is named in honor of the first press assistant to the Commandant and recognizes excellence in an all-encompassing unit public affairs program. If you think your unit deserves recognition, you should check out the submission criteria and get your application in no later than February 24.

We’ll be sure to feature the winner in a future Bravo Zulu post here on Coast Guard All Hands. Best of luck, shipmates!

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