Civilian pay information during FY 2014 fiscal hiatus

The following information was released by Rear Adm. Daniel Neptun, assistant commandant for Human Resources, in a Flag Voice message regarding pay for civilian Coast Guard personnel.

On 1 October 2013, based on the lack of a Fiscal Year 2014 funding appropriation, civilian employees serving in non-exempt functions were contacted by supervisors and issued written furlough notifications. Some civilian employees remained to perform functions exempt from furlough.

The approval of the Pay Our Military Act appropriated funds for pay and allowances to certain Coast Guard civilian employees who provide support to members of the Armed Forces. POMA enabled the Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to exercise discretion to recall employees who fall within the scope of this statute.

In ALCOAST 433/13, dated 7 October 2013, the Commandant authorized recall of most civilian employees who had been furloughed due to the lapse in appropriations. Supervisors contacted their employees by telephone and/or email to recall them to work by Tuesday, 8 October 2013, under POMA. Unfortunately, approximately 470 civilian employees still remain on furlough serving in functions such as: the National Vessel Documentation Center, National Maritime Center, Congressional Affairs or performing work supporting non-Coast Guard or non-DoD agencies.

To assist Coast Guard civilian employees during this period of uncertainty, both the external Coast Guard website and the internal portal will provide updates on pay/furlough information.

The internal CG Portal site provides support to those civilian supervisors and employees not furloughed. Supervisors may find detailed questions and answers about pay and leave online (Warning: Intranet Link).

The external Coast Guard website has a specific section devoted to information and links to resources to assist those employees still in a furlough status. These resources include: ALCOASTs about POMA and pay and military leave, a shutdown furlough fact sheet, unemployment compensation information and links to information on the employee assistance program (CGSUPRT),and the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance program. Please encourage your supervisors to make their furloughed employees aware of these two helpful resources

The pay and leave information is provided below to share with your civilian employees:

For pay period 19 (22 September – 5 October 2013), civilian employees will receive their pay on time. The National Finance Center confirmed that they have sufficient staff to process payroll for Coast Guard employees.

Exempt employees will receive pay for the entire pay period if they reported for work on 1 October 2013 to perform exempt functions. These employees are now covered by typical pay and leave procedures.

Non-exempt employees who remain furloughed and non-exempt employees recalled under POMA will receive pay for the period of 22 – 30 September 2013. Employees who reported for the orderly shutdown on 1 October 2013 will also receive pay for that time worked. Employees who were furloughed and later recalled, and those that remain in a furlough status, will not receive pay for the period they were on furlough until an appropriation is received, and only if legislation is passed and signed approving retroactive pay.

Most employees will accrue leave at their regular rate in pay period 19, unless they reached an increment of 80 hours of non-pay status in the pay period. Furloughed employees will not accrue leave in pay period 20 if the furlough continues and they reach an increment of 80 hours of non-pay status in that pay period.

The Office of Civilian Human Resources is working with managers and timekeepers to ensure time cards are properly coded.

If an employee receives partial pay, because the shutdown furlough occurred in the middle of a pay period, and the employee’s gross pay is insufficient to cover all authorized deductions, the order of precedence for applying deductions is found on the Chief Human Capital Officers Council website.

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