Recalling civilian employees under the Pay Our Military Act

Below is the text of an Internet releasable ALCOAST message. More information on the Implementation of the Pay Our Military Act can be found in Saturday’s All Hands post or this memorandum providing guidance to the Coast Guard concerning implementation of the Pay Our Military Act.

1. Just prior to the lapse in federal appropriations that occurred at midnight on September 30, and the subsequent furlough of all non‐exempt civilian personnel, the Congress passed and the President signed into law H.R. 3210, the Pay Our Military Act (POMA). POMA generally provides for continued pay and allowances for active duty members of the Armed Forces, and for civilian employees whom the Secretary determines are providing support to those members of the Armed Forces under the meaning of POMA. Yesterday, Acting Secretary Beers issued POMA implementing guidance in Reference (a) directing the Commandant to identify those civilian employees who are covered by POMA and expeditiously recall them from furlough.

2. All Coast Guard civilian personnel perform work that is critically important to the strength of the Coast Guard and our Nation. However, POMA does not allow the Secretary or the Commandant to recall all civilian employees from furlough. We have worked with our Department, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice to determine those civilian employees who can be recalled to work to the maximum extent allowed under POMA and the Secretarys implementing guidance.

3. Applying the criteria set forth by the Secretary in Reference (a), I have determined those civilians within the organizational components that “are providing support to members of the Armed Forces” within the meaning of POMA and the Secretarys implementing guidance.

4. On Monday, 7 October 2013, notifications of recall under POMA or notifications of continued furlough will begin. Each employee will be notified by their chain of command of their status by phone and personal e‐mail. The e‐mail will contain their official notice of recall or notice of continued furlough. Employees notified for recall will report to work at their normal time on Tuesday, 8 October 2013.

5. Those employees who will remain on furlough because they are outside the scope of POMA include men and women who have devoted their lives to service of this country, whose work on our behalf and on behalf of the nation is enormously valuable, and critical to the maintenance of our military over the long term. The Secretary, the Commandant and I look forward to all Coast Guard civilian personnel returning to work as soon as possible.

6. Vice Admiral John Currier, Vice Commandant, sends.

7. Internet release authorized.

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