Responding to the Navy Yard shooting

Following Monday’s tragedy at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard, Vice Adm. Manson Brown, deputy commandant for Mission Support and commanding officer of Coast Guard Headquarters, sent out the following message. While the admiral’s message was directed to all hands at CGHQ, it applies to all personnel throughout the service.

Click the image above to view a Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Situation training video.

Click the image above to view a Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Situation training video.

Written by Vice Adm. Manson K. Brown.


As we reflect on the tragic loss of life at the Navy Yard on Monday, we continue to share our thoughts and prayers with the loved ones of the lost as well as those injured and directly impacted by the horrific event.

From the outset of the event, Coast Guard members sprung into action to ensure security of the waterways and airways in the surrounding area. We continue to provide whatever support we can to the Navy family.

I fully recognize that this recent incident might increase stress levels within our workforce and I ask each of you to continue to look after each other in caring and compassionate ways. If you sense a concern with yourself or others, I encourage you to seek appropriate help through our work-life programs (1-800-855-CGSUPRT and or the Chaplain network.

Know that your safety and security remain my top priority. Our Base National Capital Region team and DCMS-34 physical security experts are working diligently to ensure that we monitor and appropriately respond to any lessons learned as we review our security protocols for Coast Guard facilities. Please take this opportunity to review the Active Shooter section of the Base NCR Emergency Response Guide or your building’s applicable response plan. The Base NCR plans can be viewed on the Headquarters network. Please note the tabs at the top of the screen corresponding to the Transpoint/Jamal complex and the St Elizabeths campus as each guide is distinctive.

Our workforce members are a crucial component of our strategy to sustain a safe and secure workplace. I remind each of you of the DHS campaign slogan, “If you see something, say something.” This is sound advice for us all.


Manson K. Brown
Vice Admiral, USCG
Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Headquarters

For more information and training on how to respond to an active shooter in your workplace or community, please visit the Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Preparedness website.

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