Ready Coast Guard: Are you prepared?

Ready Coast Guard campaign graphic. U.S. Coast Guard illustration.

Written by the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Work-Life.

As our nation’s first responders, we handle emergencies and help people every day.

But what if disaster strikes close to home? Floods, earthquakes, widespread power outages, chemical releases or other emergencies have the potential to impact millions of people, including our own families, for days at a time. What if you’re not there to help your family deal with a disaster?

Be a hero at home. Prepare yourself and your family for emergencies or disasters in advance. September is National Preparedness Month and the perfect time to embrace the Coast Guard motto — Semper Paratus — by taking action to be “always prepared” at home.

Throughout the month, visit Coast Guard All Hands and take a moment to check out the Ready Coast Guard website to learn more about the three basic steps for emergency preparedness:

• Be Informed.
• Make a Plan.
• Build a Kit.

Being prepared also means sharing readiness messages in the community. Be sure to share the website with your neighbors. is the official preparedness site for the U.S. government and a place where all Americans should go to make sure they’re ready when disaster strikes.

Don’t forget U.S. Coast Guard Work-Life Programs are there to assist you before, during and after an emergency. To locate the Work-Life Office nearest to you, simply call 1-800-872-4957 or visit the U.S. Coast Guard Work-Life website.

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