In the community: The Coast Guard coloring book

Written by Angela Hirsch, chief, U.S. Coast Guard Community Relations.

If you’ve ever hosted an elementary school group on a unit tour or visited a third-grade classroom, you probably know the challenge of keeping kids engaged. The under-12 set might “ooh and ahh” over a shiny helicopter or uniform bling, but they aren’t going to sit still for a PowerPoint deck to learn about the missions of the Coast Guard. Coast Guard Community Relations is happy to offer you a solution. A new Coast Guard coloring book is now available.

Screenshot of the cover of the U.S. Coast Guard coloring book.

Click on the image above to view and download the U.S. Coast Guard coloring book.

With fun new interactive designs, the Coast Guard coloring books teach our youngest audience about the Coast Guard and what we do every day.

Children can remind their parents to be prepared and make safe choices when boating, which makes them great partners. The coloring book also shows Coast Guard men and women doing jobs that rely on skills kids can work on developing right now – like working hard in school, being physically fit, and being a good friend and teammate.

For information about how to obtain coloring books for your unit, contact your district’s public affairs office.

An online version of the coloring book is also available for download.

For questions or comments, please contact the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Community Relations staff.

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