Paratus Report: August 2017, Episode 1

The newest Paratus Report is out! In this episode: The Coast Guard is looking to the field to find highly motivated leaders to become the next company commanders, you can earn an additional point on your Service Wide Exam final multiple and there’s a new weight exemption for members using certain reproductive services to grow their family.

General Messages Weekly Round-up

New Fertility Treatment Exemption for weight standards, training opportunities, company commanders and Officer in Charge boatswains mates get an advantage for service wide exams and more in this week’s general messages!

A note on study tips for upcoming service wide exams

I just wanted to remind everyone that the May service wide exam is approaching quickly and I can’t stress enough how important studying for the serve wide is in the advancement process. Obviously marks, award points, time in grade and time in service are important, but the service wide is the one piece of the advancement process that you have complete control over. If you study the right materials you will write a good test and greatly increase your odds of being advanced.