OSMS and YOU: Management

Management, MGT10, is an officer specialty code, or OSC, that is assigned only to billets, not officers. There are currently 94 billets labeled MGT10, and most are leadership positions. Many of these positions may also have additional specific competency requirements.


OSMS and YOU: Financial Management

The Officer Specialty Code, FIN10 – Financial Management, is currently one of the most dynamic specialties around. Financial Management is also one of OSCs with the highest growth in Advanced Education opportunities. This year we received 18 tabs, nearly twice as many as any other Advanced Education program, and we’re selecting personnel from every Coast Guard community – Afloat, Response, Prevention, and Aviators!

Graphic for Dialouge with the MCPOCG series.

Announcing MCPOCG’s leadership video contest winner!

A few months back, I announced a leadership video contest, in which I asked you to take the conversations we know many are having at the unit level and show us what leadership looks like to you.


Retaliation: Not in my Coast Guard

This morning, Human Rights Watch released a report titled “Embattled: Retaliation Against Sexual Assault Survivors in the US Military.” The report contains findings based on Human Rights Watch’s independent research into retaliation against sexual assault victims and includes a number of recommendations to Congress and the military on ways we can better protect reporting victims.


Motorcycle Safety Mentorship: Riders taking care of riders

Peers often play a significant role in an individual’s decision to begin riding a motorcycle. Peer influences include the type of motorcycle to ride, whether to take training, and what personal protective equipment to wear. While it is ultimately a rider’s decision and responsibility, peer influences cannot be ignored.

Graphic for Dialouge with the MCPOCG series.

Chiefs – The compass for our workforce for 95 years

Among all the changes we’ve seen since 1920, I’m proud to say one constant has been our Chiefs; Chiefs have delivered world-class leadership to our workforce, improving the lives and careers of our Coast Guardsmen and ensure they are fully capable to accomplish any and all of our missions.


OSMS and YOU: Auxiliary Operations Coordination

CG-OAP15 recognizes officers who excel at integrating the Auxiliary with Coast Guard activities. This specialty code can be earned by officers who come in sustained contact with their Auxiliary counterparts. Specifically, it can be earned upon completing two years satisfactory performance as a unit Auxiliary Liaison Officer, or AUXLO or sector division officer, or following two years of satisfactory performance as a district Director of Auxiliary, or DIRAUX or in a CG-BSX-1 staff billet. In essence, officers with the CG-OAP15 specialty code know how to get the get the job done by leading volunteers.

Stacey Benson

From the Homefront: 2015 Coast Guard spouse of the year

Stacey Benson was selected as the 2015 Armed Forces Insurance Coast Guard Spouse of the year by Military Spouse Magazine. She is looking forward to focusing this next year assisting military families. “It’s so overwhelming and I am so incredibly honored to be selected for this position,” she said. “I just hope that I can continue to help as many military spouses as I possibly can.”

Motorcycle Safety Month: Training

Motorcycle safety training: What you need to know

Operating a motorcycle requires physical skill sets such as hand and eye coordination and balance. Many new riders learn to ride on their own with no formal training, and learning to ride in everyday traffic can be dangerous. Many new riders simply do not fully understand the necessary skills needed to be a safe rider.

Cantrell becomes 12th master chief petty officer of the Coast Guard

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day

We live in uncertain times, and one thing that remains constant is the love, devotion, and loyalty of our military spouses.

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