OSMS and You: Reserve Program Administrator

Reserve Program Administrators, RPAs, are specialists who fill an essential role in managing the Coast Guard Reserve Program. RPAs are Reserve officers on full-time active duty for the purpose of organizing, administering, recruiting, instructing and training members of the Reserve Component, RC.

Volunteers assist food bank

Feds Feed Families: A 225th birthday challenge:

In the seventh annual Feds Feed Family compaign, the Coast Guard is issuing a challenge to donate 225,000 pounds of food to triple last year’s total in honor of the Coast Guard’s 225th birthday. Read more for information about contributing in this food drive.

Graphic for Dialouge with the MCPOCG series.

Communities of Practice – Info-sharing helps ombudsmen serve commands and families

Coast Guard ombudsmen serve as a valuable link between commands and families, helping commanding officers/officers-in-charge better understand the welfare of the families of their members, while at the same time helping families prepare for emergencies and cope with the challenges of a military lifestyle – duty, deployments, transfers, etc.

Reserve Twitter

Launch of Coast Guard Reserve Twitter account

Are you a member of the Coast Guard Reserve? Have you been looking for a way to stay up-to-date on crucial updates? If so, the solution is here. Coast Guard Reserve Personnel Management, RPM, has partnered with the Office of Reserve Affairs, CG-131, in the establishment of a Twitter account that will provide up-to-the-minute information to reservists.


MISLE down for updates Sept. 9-13, 2015

The Coast Guard is scheduled to roll out a new version of Marine Information Safety and Law Enforcement, MISLE, in September 2015. The transition will necessitate MISLE going offline between Sept. 9-13, 2015 to complete the transition. Read more about the upgrade, user guides and tutorials of the new MISLE 5.0.

Deputy Commandant of Mission Support Vice Adm. Sandra Stosz engages with staff at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore as she continues to establish expectations and provide transparency. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Walking the deckplates: Vice Adm. Sandra Stosz heads DCMS

Vice Adm. Sandra Stosz walks the deckplates and engages with staff as she continues to establish expectations and provide transparency as the newly designated Deputy Commandant of Mission Support. Read more for further insight into her leadership style, expections and path forward.

From the Homefront

From the Homefront: Making ‘geobaching’ work for you

Dual careers, kids in school, timing, stability — these are all reasons Coast Guard families have chosen to live apart during a tour. Becoming geographic bachelors, or geobaching, means a sacrifice of not only living a distance apart, but financing dual households and missing out on day-to-day family life.

Coast Guard member using computer

Coast Guard shifts communication method away from CGMS

Beginning August 3, 2015, the Coast Guard is shifting from its traditional communication method of sending all official information via the Coast Guard Messaging System to using today’s technology for exchanging official information. After the shut down authorized personnel will have four communication methods to send and receive official information.


Coast Guard Museum needs you – Share your ideas!

The Coast Guard is the only branch of the armed services that does not have a national museum to celebrate its importance to the nation and to honor the men and women who serve. Since its inception in 1790, the […]


OSMS and You: Defense Operations and Readiness

Utilizing unique competencies, capabilities and authorities, the Coast Guard’s Defense Readiness and Operations mission supports the National Military Strategy and operations of the Department of Defense to support combatant commanders worldwide.

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