Commandant’s holiday message

Fran and I extend a heartfelt seasons greetings to our Coast Guard family around the world. We are especially grateful for the dedication and sacrifice of those Coast Guard men and women – and all members of the Armed Forces – who stand the watch. We were honored to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our men and women stationed at Patrol Forces Southwest Asia and saw firsthand those who place Service before self to accomplish the mission.

Social media safety

Social media safety: Keeping yourself and loved ones safe online

Social media becomes more and more mainstream and common in our lives with each passing day. With the ease of utilizing mobile devices, staying connected via social media sites and apps has never been easier. But, staying connected and using these tools has become so mainstream, that it’s necessary to remind ourselves of important precautions to keep our ‘social media footprint’ as safe and secure as possible.

Graphic for Dialouge with the MCPOCG series.

Getting us all on the same page – HSWL releases updated “Sea Legs” reference guide for our loved ones

It’s been said, through a couple variations of the same quote, that understanding comes to us in the following sequence: First, we don’t know what we don’t know; then, we know what we don’t know; and finally, we know what we know.

Starting out in the Coast Guard is no different.

From the Homefront

From the Homefront: A ‘Semper Paratus’ holiday season

A Christmas tree in honor of the Coast Guard stands in the vice president’s residence side-by-side with trees celebrating the other military branches. Coast Guard families had the opportunity to join with Dr. Jill Biden at a reception at the residence celebrating military families.


Shape the future: CWO Kimberly Angel

I love to teach; I always have. Being a company commander provided me an opportunity to teach and develop our organization’s future leaders.


Coast Guard Retiree, FEMA Reservist partnership

Currently FEMA is experiencing a critical shortage within its Reserve Program. Over 2,700 FEMA Reserve positions are vacant. Reservist positions are managed through FEMA Cadres and the skills needed to serve in most of them are generally equivalent to many Coast Guard ratings and officer specialties. CG retirees may already have experience in disaster response, rescue, first aid, ICS, hazardous material handling, survivor support, recovery ops and many other areas of expertise needed in the aftermath of a disaster.

2014 Military Child of the Year Gala

Nominations now open for 2015 Military Child of the Year

Have you ever said to yourself “I wish there was a way to acknowledge that young lady or that young man for their outstanding work, kind act, or just being an overall good role model?” Now there is, by nominating them for the 2015 Military Child of the Year Award.

From the Homefront

From the Homefront: A sit down with Fran DeNinno

Fran DeNinno, the wife of Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft, had a quick learning curve about Coast Guard life when she got married 24 years ago. Her upcoming wedding was scheduled, honeymoon paid for and her fiancé’s ship’s schedule got moved up.


National Adoption Month: Know the military family benefits

The Coast Guard has several programs that support families interested in adoption.

Graphic for Dialouge with the MCPOCG series.

Dialogue with the MCPOCG: Welcome to the Family!

Nothing gives me greater joy than recognizing the hard work and accomplishments of the men and women who make up our Coast Guard workforce. I recently had the honor of watching one such group in action – The Guardian Spouses at Training Center Cape May, New Jersey.

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